Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Its been so long since I last spoke to you all. Well everything in the orchard is very green after having  had so much rain. The call ducks love it and the hens in the orchard hate it, they dash as fast as their little legs can into the nearest house or under one of the apple trees. Although we have had a very wet summer so far everything is doing very well. We have had lots of baby Call ducks, a couple of Quails and cute little frizzle bantam chicks. The kitchen garden is giving us abundance of tasty vegetables it is so lovely walking down past the orchard to pick fresh vegetables, it makes all the hard work earlier on in the year worthwhile. The hay-meadow was cut last week having just enough time in-between rain showers to get it cut, turned the next day and baled up.

The hens enjoying the sun in-between showers

The ducks enjoying the puddles

Cutting the hay meadow

All wrapped up for the winter

The Kitchen Garden

In the kitchen garden the vegetables are abundant and we are feasting on lots of beans, courgettes, beetroot, onions, radishes, chard, spinach, cucumber, purple podded peas, carrots and broad beans.Due to the wet weather the potatoes did catch blight but we still managed to have several rows of tasty new potatoes.  Life here in our orchard is still so exciting, we still have ups and downs but always try to remember that we are still privilege to own our little bit of paradise. Hope all your gardens are doing well. Please let me know how you are getting on and look forward to you visiting me in the orchard again.

Pumpkin flowers

Onions and lettuce

The brassica bed

The glorious flower of the purple podded peas


Runner Beans

Pumpkin and courgette bed

Sunflowers, beans and angelica

Salad bed

Kale and purple sprouting broccoli

The lovely apples getting bigger

The grass left long for the hens to play and rummage through