Saturday, 25 April 2015

Spring in the Orchard


It's been a long time since I last posted on my blog, so feel I should get back and start writing again, I do miss writing to you and there is so much to tell you.
I hope you are enjoying the great Spring sunshine with all the huge array of colours and all the so many pretty flowers nodding their heads to you in the warm breeze and the wonderful divine blossoms that are breathtaking. Everything here in the orchard is waking up with new vigour and strength. Mother nature is such a wonderful thing and we have plenty of babies arriving here. The daffodils are just finishing and the bluebells are now making their auditions among the rich grass.

Periwinkle (vinca) growing in the hedgerows

The delicate pink apple blossom

The cherry blossom that attracts the pollinating insects

Life here in the Orchard has been very busy. We have had the arrival of cuddly little lambs from our pet sheep, blossom, petal and flower. It was an exciting time and anxious time. The maternity poly- tunnel was on red alert, with fresh meadow hay and the lambing bucket at the ready. First to arrive on a cold frosty night were twin girls Apple and Apricot from Blossom and then almost a week later in the early hours of a frosty morning twin boys Pear and Plum from Flower. The next day  Petal had a little girl, Damson and sadly a little boy that got very stuck and twisted that didn't make it. All lambs and mums are doing well and after a call from the vet to check on Petal and a dose of antibiotics are all good.

A quick wash from mum

A morning nap

Welcome to the orchard

Smelling the flowers
The Old Orchard is greening up and the grass beyond is being left for the sheep to nibble with their little lambs.

The hens, ducks and quails are laying well. Rewarding us everyday with golden yolked eggs. The hens eggs make a breakfast fit for a king and the the moment we are also enjoying dipping fresh succulent asparagus from the kitchen garden in them.

My Little Call Duck

Plenty of Eggs

Asparagus that you can almost see growing so fast.

Well I must dash now as the much needed rain has stopped and its time to get planting in the kitchen garden - after a nice cup of tea.
Have a lovely weekend and have fun.
Sarah X

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